As a family that has spent five generations making and enjoying delicious wine, we are passionate about ensuring that future generations will be able to do the same.

The underlying philosophy behind our organic wines is that grapes build their flavour from the soil and if we treat the soil as best as we possibly can, we will be able to grow grapes with the most flavour resulting in wines that taste amazing.

Our soil and vineyards are our most precious resource, so organic grape growing and winemaking just makes sense.









Meet Nick Bakkum, Nick's experience in vineyards accross Australia has seen him transform our Nanya Vineyard into Australia's largest organically managed vineyard. He lives and breathes our Organic ethos and his commitment to sustainablity is close to unrivalled. 



Meet Chief Winemaker, Tony Ingle and Senior Winemaker, Paul Kernich. Together Tony and Paul carefully craft each of our Organic wines. With just the gentlest of touch from our winemaking team we aim to make wines of freshness with amazing flavour.

The winery team are passionate about Organic winemaking and it is the overlying principle's of care, attention and detail that make Angove Organic wines so full of flavour.