Supporting our Farmers - Buy a Bale

As farmers for over 130 years we know we are totally reliant on Mother Nature.

The ongoing drought across large parts of rural Australia has really pulled at our family and entire team’s heart strings. Over five generations we too have been affected by drought most recently from 2006-2009 but even going back to the great drought of the early 1900’s. We understand the devastating impact it can have on families, their communities and their livestock.

The images of struggling farming families and their animals has shocked us and indeed the numbers make it all the worse. The entire state of NSW is classified as Drought effected, or worse; 22.8% of NSW in Intense Drought; 32.3% in Drought; 44.9% Drought affected.

In such tough times one can only ask, ‘what can we do’.

After making many enquiries as how best to contribute we decided to donate to the ‘Buy a Bale’ farm support charity. At the end of the day we want to help our struggling farmers and their herds get through this amazingly tough time.

The Angove Family will be making an initial donation of $20,000 which can purchase 1000 bales of hay or 380 Food Hampers or up to 920,000L of water for our farmers in need. We encourage others in the wine industry to see what they can do to make life a little bit easier for our farmers and their families.

Richard and Victoria Angove commented;

‘Farmers are the back bone of our country. Often forgotten, they provide us with our food security and make Australia the successful country it is today. We all have a responsibility to support these hardworking families through the tough times and we hope that this small contribution may help.’