For more than 10 years, Our Team have been progressively converting more and more of our vineyards to certified Organic viticultural management, and crafting a growing range of premium organic wines.

As a multigenerational family owned winery, looking after our environment has always been an important philosophy and organic vineyard management practices are a natural extension of this. 

Grapes derive their flavour from the soil. At all levels of viticulture, healthy organic systems help the grapevine produce grapes of the highest flavour making wines are of the highest quality that speak of where they are grown.

Healthy soil is promoted and created by extensive use of organic mulches and the growing of different grasses and cover crops along the vineyard rows. Building the natural, healthy environment of the vineyard helps to encourage the good insects, whilst keeping pests at bay. Use of mulch reduces water evaporation from the soil and also the need to use herbicides to control weed populations.

Vineyard sustainability and ensuring that we nurture superior soil health to carry our vineyards through to the many generations to come is an important element of our decision to maintain organic certification.

For us, Organic Wine and Organic Viticulture is also about community. We live where we grow our grapes and we want to live in a healthy, clean environment, one that has biodiversity and is sustainable.

With 110Ha (271 acres) Certified Organic and an additional 94Ha (232 acres) due to be certified by 2019, Angove Family Winemakers is now one of the most significant organic grape growers and winemakers in Australia.

Being certified organic and making organic wines means no artificial herbicides, pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers are used in either the vineyard or the winery. It takes three years for a vineyard to be certified as organic and we are audited annually to achieve ongoing certification.

Our aim is to have the healthiest soil we possibly can. With minimal inputs and if we look after the soil our vines will produce grapes of the highest flavour every season.

We want to be growing grapes and making wine for this beautiful soil for many generations and years to come